my name is chelsey and apparently i look like a girl who belongs in a the 1975 video.


tomorrow is four fucking years of one direction how


why does harry end the majority of his tweets with “…..” like he knows something all of us dont

he knows how big his penis is

Anonymous:when i went to see 1D's movie i was in line behind these 3 girls who were preemptively complaining about the possibility of "the beard" (Eleanor) being in the film. Like I get second hand embarrassment from reading that shit online do u kno how cringy it was to hear it actually come out of ppls mouths

there was a girl wearing a harry styles mask with the eyes cut out when I went to see it, do you know how frightening that is to see in a dark cinema

I feel like that photo of niall at the wedding where he’s not talking to anyone but he’s still laughing really sums him up as a person

I don’t want to see anything one direction related in the cinema again after hearing 13 year olds boo the modest logo at this is us

no matter what 5sos do I will always remember how they didn’t know you had to take your own instruments to gigs when they first started playing shows and had to borrow another bands equipment


I would do the 6 selfie thing but there’s more than six great photos of me

turn ons: harry styles wearing clothes from designer collections that aren’t available to the general public yet

"or as we now know him, the man who is incapable of doing up the buttons on his shirt" this is the best description of harry styles I’ve ever read