my name is chelsey, i'm a 20 year old sound engineering student from australia and sometimes i post about what colour hair niall should have and he dyes it that colour
what about your black bralet?

what about it??

where is your white paris shirt from?

forever 21

does porn smut fantasizing turn you on or do u need physical contact cus im so dry when i watch that shit and im still a virgin

no lmao I can’t read things and get turned I gotta watch stuff or have physical contact

I could be at coachella except I have a ice cream sticker on my head cause that offends no one except maybe vegans and lactose intolerants

I feel like at least one member of 5sos if not every member used to think that you have to put your balls in during sex

what is packing light

is liam payne going to be okay being away from the funky buddha for so long while he goes on tour



does harry feel badass on his motorcycle

did niall ever find out the real meaning of pet peeve or like is he just wandering around two years later still thinking that it means pets you think are annoying

do you think easter is niall’s most hated holiday because he thinks rabbits are pointless and do nothing